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Dentures and partials are prosthetics that restore function and aesthetics for patients missing a full arch or row of teeth. However, over time, these appliances can become ill-fitting or uncomfortable to wear. Dental implants are a treatment that replaces the missing tooth entirely and can be used to stabilize existing prosthetics.

At 1st Scottsdale Dental, we provide implant-supported dentures for patients looking for comprehensive treatment that restores the function and aesthetics of their smiles. 

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Implants anchor firmly into bone to form a strong and solid foundation for fixed dentures. It can take as few as four implants to hold a complete set of upper or lower replacement teeth. When dentures are attached to implants, you never have to worry that they will loosen or slip. Patients can eat whatever they want, speak normally, and forget about bothersome denture creams and adhesives.

People who choose fixed dentures, instead of removable teeth, report that this system feels much more like their own natural teeth and improves their quality of life. On the other hand, over half of people who wear traditional removable dentures report they are unsatisfied with the stability and comfort of their prosthesis. Implant-supported dentures at 1st Scottsdale Dental are a long-term investment that never needs to be replaced or remade.

Ask us about Fixed Implant Dentures in Scottsdale 

Dr. Nejad and our dental implant surgeon, Dr. Sroujieh, work together to provide comprehensive treatment for patients with missing teeth. Those who have existing dentures can have their prosthetics relined to be affixed to dental implants. 

The All-on-4® treatment concept provides full-arch rehabilitation using only four dental implants. This treatment option is perfect for patients who do not want to go through pre-implant procedures such as bone grafting. The All on 4 implants are placed at an angle for superior stability, avoiding internal structures, and integration with existing jaw bone. 

Our Scottsdale implant dentists create individualized treatment plans for each patient, go through implant options, and determine the best teeth replacement for you. Implant placement is completed in our office and can be augmented with sedation options to ensure your comfort during treatment. At every stage of your implant placement and restoration procedure, we take the time to understand your needs and provide assistance to ensure your comfort. 

We provide a custom temporary denture once the implants have been placed, so you have the appearance of a full smile while healing. Once Dr. Nejad and Sroujieh have determined the treatment area has healed, we provide your final denture, whether it is your old prosthetic relined or a custom denture, completing your implant-supported denture treatment. 

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At 1st Scottsdale Dental, we provide dental implant placement and custom restorations to help patients enjoy fuller, healthier smiles. For more information about our implant-supported denture services, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today. We proudly provide treatment for to patients in Scottsdale and surrounding neighborhoods such as Tempe, McCormick Ranch, and Paradise Valley.